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Thematics Queensland


Thematics Queensland meets quarterly on a Sunday

Meetings are from 9.30am until 12.30pm

and are held at

QPC House, 18 Coolcrest Street, Wynnum

2024 Meeting Dates

4th August

Thematics Queensland is a study group which aims to encourage and help everyone who is interested in thematic collecting and exhibiting.

Thematics Queensland meets quarterly at the address show above to discuss and examine various aspects of thematic collecting.

Each meeting consists of a short business session dealing with correspondence, finances and the program.

Distribution of material such as magazine articles and copies of material from other collectors.

Updates on information relating to such things as useful dealers, publications and articles of interest, places to visit and sources of information, including changes to rules and regulations.

A “Show and Tell” session where members may bring along any recent acquisitions and items which may be of interest to other members. These are placed on display boards for viewing, explanation and discussion.

One particular aspect of Thematics is usually placed on the agenda for each meeting, where material is shown and discussion takes place. This may be an exhibit or of sompe particular aspect of thematics.

As a member of Thematics Queensland you will each year recieve the following:-

A copy of each issue of “Thematically Speaking” posted to your home address (4 per year), normally despatched about one week prior to a meeting.

A photocopy of display pages, or an exhibit, which has been shown to members at the meeting.

A copy of any other relevant material distributed during a meeting.

Access to as much help as the rest of the members can give, either in person, by email, letter or through the publications.

Anything else the group can provide for its members – it is a mutual aid group which exists solely for the purpose of helping members in the best way possible.

Current membership fees are:

Within Australia

Newsletter only – posted to Australian address       $25

Newsletter posted. Collect copies of exhibits          $30

Newsletter and copies of exhibits posted                $45

Asia-Pacific area

Newsletter only posted                                              $30

Newsletter and copies of exhibits posted              $50

Rest of the World

Newsletter only posted                                            $30

Newsletter and copies of exhibit posted               $60


Cheques in Australian Dollars made out “Thematics Queensland

Eftpos facility for Credit cards

Some back copies of some exhibits and newsletters are available for purchase. Cost will be a set price per page plus postage. (Large letter depending on weight.